a living and precious reality

The project 
“The crafts of art inbetween Tevere and Arno” 

aims to promote the artisan shops that still today create unique and original objects through the use of techniques and skills that are handed down through the centuries in Tuscany. 
A lively and precious reality, articulated in many productive fields ranging from ceramics to wrought iron, from goldsmithery to wood carving, from the processing of leather to that of glass, from figurative arts to restoration.

The International Map 
of artistic craftsmanship

Moving from the inspiring principles of the International Charter of Artistic Craftsmanship, the project in the catalog aims to enhance the profound link between the crafts of art and the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of the earth from which they derive their lifeblood. 

It is exactly in this special organic relationship that, in our opinion, the particular added value of our artistic craft production lies.

Creativity and inventiveness

In the unique pieces and in the small series created by the creativity and the inventiveness of the artist-craftsman, the aesthetic and formal values ​​that make up the cultural tradition of our territory spontaneously grow.

Creative vision and technical realization therefore find their common denominator in that heritage of practices, skills and knowledge, but also signs, symbols and forms that are handed down through the generations in the land between Tevere and Arno. 

Artistic handicraft as cultural 
identity of our territory

In the face of the risk of homologation of the codes and languages ​​of artistic communication produced by the globalization of markets, we believe that the valorization of artistic craftsmanship represents an indispensable action in the current historical moment; not only for the protection of craft traditions, but also and above all for the preservation of the cultural identity of our country and in particular of the Tuscan territories